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Representing Your Interests as the Seller

Our office specializes in real estate conveyancing. We are prepared to represent you in the sale of your real estate and to make the entire process easy and enjoyable for … more

Important Information Regarding the Sale of Your Home

Please Review This Information If You Are Selling Your Property And Our Office Is Conducting The Closing Your visiting this site has probably been prompted by the fact that our … more

Representing the Interests of the Home Buyer

How our firm can represent your interests at the closing If this is your first home purchase, or perhaps you haven’t purchased a new home in a while, the process … more

What is Title Insurance?

Real estate title insurance very simply is an insured statement of the conditions of one’s title or ownership rights to a certain piece of real estate. The policy guarantees that … more

The Closing Process

Closing Agents/Attorneys and the Closing Process: What You Should Know Your application to your lender for a home mortgage loan leads you inevitably to the closing attorney’s office. You undoubtedly … more

Real Estate FAQs

I have received a letter from my lender advising me that your office will be handling my closing. What do I need to do? First, please make sure you contact … more

Important information regarding your closing

If You Are Buying Real Estate And Financing It With A Mortgage From A Lender We Represent, Please Read The Following Information. As you may know, our office represents your … more