MCAD Decision: Employer Duty to Reasonably Accommodate Handicapped Employees is Extremely Broad

by Jack Merrill In the usual case, employers that receive reasonable accommodation requests from their employees try to help. They may adjust a work schedule, grant a leave of absence, … more

Marijuana Use Rights Arise in Employment Situations

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Minimum Wage Now at $11 Per Hour

by Jack Merrill Effective January 1, 2017, the minimum wage for Massachusetts workers rose from $10 to $11 per hour. The new rate applies to almost all employees. For employees … more

SJC Holds that Second Element of Independent Contractor Test is Preempted by Federal Law

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New Pay Equity Law Means Employers Must Prevent Gender-Based Wage Disparities

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New statute limits amount of retainage in construction contracts

A recently enacted statute limits the amount of retainage that may be withheld under certain construction contracts. “An Act Relative to Fair Retainage Payments in Private Construction” (the “Act”), codified … more

Identify your business . . . or else!

In a recent District Court Appellate decision, the court determined that when two individuals entered into a contract with a third party without disclosing that (as far as they were … more

Is your mortgage due on sale?

Most residential mortgages contain a provision requiring payment of the remaining balance of the loan when the property is sold.  This is called a “due on sale “ clause.  This … more

New and Recent Massachusetts Foreclosure Laws

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has amended its laws regarding the foreclosure process by adding or revising sections of Chapter 244, General Laws over the past couple of years. Pursuant to … more

Tax Changes for 2013 in addition to those expected due to the “Fiscal Cliff”

A number of changes in United States Federal tax rates and amounts which were previously announced are likely to become effective as of January 1, 2013, even if Congress passes … more