Is your mortgage due on sale?

Most residential mortgages contain a provision requiring payment of the remaining balance of the loan when the property is sold.  This is called a “due on sale “ clause.  This … more

New and Recent Massachusetts Foreclosure Laws

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has amended its laws regarding the foreclosure process by adding or revising sections of Chapter 244, General Laws over the past couple of years. Pursuant to … more

Tax Changes for 2013 in addition to those expected due to the “Fiscal Cliff”

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Preventing An Easement

Early each morning the neighbor from down the street walks his dog over the side edge of your lawn to get to the park that abuts your backyard.  During the … more

Letter of Intent Unenforceable

A Superior Court judge recently ruled that a real estate company that signed a letter of intent to jointly develop a parcel of property with its owner, but was unable … more

Wrongful Discharge Suits Made Easier

Appeals Court Decides that Virtually any Employee Handbook can be Constructed as a Binding Contract in a Wrongful Discharge Suit, Highlighting the Importance of Careful Legal Planning of Company Policies … more

Sexual Harassment Suits Easier to Prove

Supreme Judicial Court Allows Victims to Allege Events from Years Past, Making Sexual Harassment Easier to Prove and Increasing the Risks to Employers By Jack Merrill The state’s highest court … more

Sexual Conduct at Work

Separating Consensual Flirtation from Sexual Harassment can be a Difficult Task By Jack Merrill Confused employers and employees are scratching their heads. They know it’s okay for consenting adults to … more

The Massachusetts Wage Payment Law

Penalties for Failing to Pay Wages Due on Time are Severe, and Employers must be Wary By Jack Merrill It seems simple enough – an employee earns wages, leaves the … more

Employment At Will

By Jack Merrill The employment-at-will doctrine has survived challenge after challenge in Massachusetts courtrooms. It provides that the employer/employee relationship is a bargain between parties of relatively equivalent bargaining power. … more