Metrowest Law Firm Kushner Sanders Ravinal LLP Changes Name to KSR Law

Boston, MA Kushner Sanders Ravinal LLP is pleased to announce that, effective immediately, the firm will be known as KSR Law. The new trade name reflects the evolution of the firm’s identity in the marketplace, already commonly referred to as “KSR Law.” Under the new brand, the Metrowest law firm will continue to offer strategic counsel and exceptional service to small businesses and their principals in the areas of employment, business, real estate and lending law.

Lloyd Sanders, KSR Law co-founder and partner, said, “Much like our clients, it’s essential that we continue to evolve and align our business with the changing needs of those we represent. The new name, which is simpler and more direct, is part of that strategic vision. We feel it will create a stronger, more modern identity for the firm. At the same time, it preserves our 25-year history and is consistent with our longtime online brand. We’re excited to share this news and reaffirm that KSR Law means business.”

About KSR Law

KSR Law is a Metrowest law firm providing world-class representation and counsel to small businesses and their principals. With a special focus in employment, business and real estate law, the firm’s lawyers have decades of experience across the spectrum of small business issues — from corporate structures, business deals, and contracts to lending, financing, and all aspects of employee management, wages and noncompetition issues.